No, your company is not too small to be the target of a cyber attack.

It is a question I hear often: I only have one employee, aren’t I too small to be a target of a cyber attack? Unfortunately, size does not matter when it comes to cybersecurity.

Statistics clearly show that small businesses are a huge target, and given that they do not have the budget or expertise to implement the latest cyber protection, they are ill-prepared to defend themselves. Whether it is a small mechanic shop or a large CPA firm, all are vulnerable and all are a target. It is just the nature of the world we live in today.

So…what to do about it? The truth is, it doesn’t have to be overly complicated or expensive. There are basic steps your business can take to protect your data. The first step is evaluating your risk. The key reason we offer a free cybersecurity assessment is that we want companies to understand their risk. Once you understand your vulnerabilities, applying just a few layers of defense can make a world of difference in preventing disaster.

I have five teenage drivers…I HATE paying insurance. But as you can imagine, after a few (or more than a few) minor fender benders, I love the protection insurance provides. The benefit of knowing I am covered far outweighs my annual premium. Cybersecurity is not all that different. We don’t like having to pay for something that may or may not be needed, but I can tell you firsthand seeing the joy on my clients’ faces when I show them how we’ve prevented a ransomware attack speaks for itself.

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