Refreshing IT equipment = More efficient employees

Our oldest son Luke runs cross country and track. I honestly thought when it came to running, that we’d be getting off easy when it came to equipment costs.I mean, it’s just running shoes, and they can run anywhere…right? Not so fast! (pun intended). I was soon informed that there are many different types of shoes, depending on the day. Trainers, tempo shoes, racing shoes, spikes…the list goes on…and to make matters worse, they need to be replaced…FREQUENTLY. Long story short, track shoes have cost me a small fortune over the past few years. Shoes eventually wear out and need to be replaced, and it reminded me that it’s not that different from IT equipment. Hardware gets old, software becomes outdated, and eventually, they need to be replaced.

For my son, a higher quality shoe equals better training and ultimately better times…for your business, newer and more efficient hardware means improved production and more efficient employees. Over time, your desktops, laptops and servers degrade in performance. Anyone who has owned a computer knows, that after three years, it tends to perform much slower than it did on day one. It is important to get the most out of your technology investment, but over time, slowing performance negatively impacts employee efficiency. Regularly refreshing hardware and software on your network can keep your business humming along, not to mention, reduce downtime and improve network security.

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